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Eyelash Extensions

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Your course kit includes everything you need to get started. All items have been scanned and packed carefully prior to shipping, please take time to unpack and carefully check all contents prior to starting your course.

Below is a full list of all items included, with images and a short description of what each item is for.

Practice Mannequin Head

Real life latex feel head, with flat back for easy use. Designed specifically for eyelash application training

Practice Strip Lashes

Perfect for practicing on your mannequin model head

Curved Tweezers

A versatile tweezer that’s perfect for classics, premades or isolation (12cm)

Isolation Tweezers

Straight tweezer ideal for isolation lashes

Lash Shampoo

Helps remove dirt, oil, makeup and other residue that can cause early shedding of extensions. Use pre treatment as as aftercare.

Mascara Wands

Single use wands disposable wands for before/ after eyelash extensions in a pack of 50 pieces

Disposable Lip Brushes

Multi-purpose applicators/lip wands are used for cleansing lashes and also applying lash remover, bonder or primer in a pack of 50 pieces

Volume Tweezers

Perfect for creating your own volume fans & picking up premade fans

Humidity Metre

Keep track of humidity and temperature to accurately know your drying times

Handheld Fan

USB Charging Fan, perfect for quickly drying adhesives and glue