Smart Thermo Cooker

Wi-fi connectivity built-in

Step by step cooking guide

Multiple cooking & food prep functions in one unit

Full features

Family size 3L max stainless-steel bowl
Large 7” touchscreen controls
Simple touchscreen control, adjustable settings for speed and temperature
WiFi function
Control the appliance via the app
Timer and scale built-in for added convenience
Easy to follow step by step guided cooking
Full glossary of preloaded recipes
Stainless steel 4 blades

Tech specs

Motor power: 800W
Heater & motor power: 1500W
Input voltage: 220-240V a.c. 50Hz
Rotate speed: 1-10 speeds
Adjustable temperature: From 30ºC-120ºC
Scale max weight: 5000g

What's included?

Steaming kit – lid, tray and basked
Inner basket
Butterfly stirrer
3L Jug
Lid with Measuring cup

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